5 Great Ideas For Spending Holidays in the Alps

Holidaying in the Alps Straddled between France and Switzerland, the Alps are one of the most beautiful mountain ranges and popular holiday destinations in the world. Whether it’s winter or summer, a trip to the Alps is never one to be turned down, and there is always plenty to do. Here are five great ways […]

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Dangers in Alps

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Enigmatic Alps

The Alps The Alps are one of the most stunning natural features of Europe. Their beauty is breathtaking and they provide the perfect backdrop for tourist activities. However, in spite of their beauty, The Alps can also be a very dangerous place and have been the setting for many disasters. The Biggest Disasters On 23rd […]

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Things Unknown About The Alps

The Alps The Alps is a well-known mountain range in Europe. Not only are the one of the most distinguishable features of Europe, they are also the setting for many popular tourist hotspots. Although this mountain range is well-known, there are many facts that may surprise you to learn about The Alps. Interesting and Surprising […]

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